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Coach/Parent Letter
To: Coach/Parent

My name is Dan Frantz and I would like to bring your attention to an amazing opportunity for kickers and punters in the Northwest. It’s called Northwest Kicking Academy.

I am a graduate of Columbia River H.S. in Vancouver, WA. After kicking and punting for four years at Portland State University I graduated in 2001. I spent two seasons in NFL training camps with the Washington Redskins where I competed in practice and games as a punter and kicker. I spent 5 years in the Arena Football League and was fortunate to be a part of two Arena Bowl Championship Teams ('04, '06).

Throughout my experience in amateur sports I sought out quality coaching in the field of kicking and punting.
When I was looking for instruction, I was not only looking for someone to tell me what I was doing right or wrong, but more importantly, why? This kind of coaching came at a great expense. At that time, I chose not to invest in costly kicking camps. These camps required athletes to fly to southern states such as CA, LV, TX, and FL. The cost to attend these camps, including transportation and lodging, could add up to a thousand dollars, or more.

Why Northwest Kicking Academy?

What I would like to offer kickers and punters in this area is quality one on one coaching, or small group training. I have the ability to not only teach, but to demonstrate what I teach. People learn in many different ways, and I feel I have the ability to clarify things in a variety of ways. I am very excited for the opportunity to provide quality coaching for local athletes to train “in their own backyard”.

- The northwest is where we live, the northwest is where we play, the northwest is where we train. -

This concept enables athletes to get quality instruction right here in the Great Northwest. Quality individual instruction and field time are the two most important things that help kicker and punters grow. That’s what is important to me, and that’s what I want to offer.

When I left Portland State in 2001, I was immediately picked up by the Washington Redskins. I was brought into camp because I could both kick and punt at an elite level. I spent the entire '01 preseason, including games, with the Redskins. After getting released, I signed again with the Redskins to compete in their '02 preseason camp. Again, kicking and punting, I had a flawless pre-season; including a 43 yd. field goal against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Deciding to go with seniority and experience, I was, again, released. I feel my ability to both kick and punt, at an elite level, is one of the main reasons I’ve seen the opportunities I’ve had in football.

The next season I entered the Arena Football League. My game moved indoors and the uprights shrunk. Going from 18.5’ (NFL) to 9’ wide (AFL), the game of Arena Football brought accuracy to an all new premium.

Using this experience, I’d like the opportunity to bring quality kicking instruction to all levels in the Northwest. We have countless student athletes in our area that have the ability, but need the instruction. The four 1-A college teams and multiple other universities in our area are constantly looking for quality kickers and punters. To find local athletes for these universities saves them a tremendous amount of money in out of state scholarships.

I would like to extend the education in kicking and punting to both parents and coaches. My goal is to bring skills to the athletes and knowledge to the people who influence and support them. Coaches and Parents are encouraged to set up a meeting and/or attend the training. They will be given the same tips and “key words” that we use in training to use as reminders when their athletes train outside the camp. This is very helpful to have coaches and parents on the same page because of the practice time needed outside the academy.

I welcome the opportunity to talk to you more about Northwest Kicking Academy and the coaching opportunities I can offer.

Thank you for your time and thank you for your interest in Northwest Kicking Academy.


Dan Frantz
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